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From small residential-scale welding to large fabrication projects and everything in-between, Macomb Welding provides quick-turnaround, quality welding services to the Southeast-Michigan area. While our main focus is in the tool & die and plastic injection-mold industries, we are certified and capable in many other industries including military and medical

AWS Certified

Employees of Macomb Welding are certified and are in good standing with the American Welding Society.

Military Certified

When applicable, Macomb Welding can certify work to MIL-STD for customers that require it.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

We are certified as a provider of commercial and industrial welding and assembly.

Focus on Quality

With 100% satisfaction and quality in mind, we utilize LVDT measurement devices for production welding.

Overview of Welding Processes

Microscopic Laser Welding

Laser-Welding provides a precisely controlled, quality weld for small details and parts. Instead of the constant energy-delivery from traditional welding-techniques, laser-welding uses short-bursts of energy to quickly heat and cool the material. This eliminates both the need for pre-heating the item before work can begin, and heat-sink effects during the welding process. If you have a part that is heat-sensitive, Micro-Laser welding is your solution. Our 200w 3-axis laser-welder can create welds with as small as .005" bead-size. Material sizes are also not an issue due to the portability of our equipment.

Micro-TIG Welding

The Micro-TIG process is more precise than conventional TIG or MIG welding. With a minimum bead-size of .010", it allows a more cost-effective alternative to laser when your tolerances will allow. Macomb Welding has multiple Micro-TIG stations providing capacity for quick customer turn-around.

TIG & MIG Welding

For larger details and fastest turnaround time, our traditional MIG and TIG service is offered. This welding-service provides the greatest flexibility of material-types. Robotic MIG welding is also available.

Our Work

Our Services

Flexible hours and weekend-services available for all of the following:

Microscopic Laser

Quality welds from a Portable 200W 3-Axis Laser Welder in our climate-controlled lab.

Microscopic TIG

Multiple Micro-Tig stations allowing a more cost-effective alternative to laser when your tolerances will allow.

Traditional MIG & TIG

We perform Die Repair, Tool & Mold Repair - usually with same-day service. Many materials welded.

Quality-Controlled Production

Low-volume MIG/TIG and High-Volume Resistance welding services with LVDT sensor-based fault detection

Pick-up & Delivery

Our fleet includes two pickups for small items, in addition to our 21' flatbed for larger jobs.

Customer Service

We work around your schedule - nights and weekends available by request.


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